Key Tips For Playing Piano

Want to learn how to play the piano? Is it something you find to be impossible to learn? You might sit there for hours listening to a pianist play, and it can be a mesmerizing sight. You are just left blown away at how fast their fingers move as they are going through a piece.

It is possible for anyone to develop their abilities and become just as good in the long-term. You have to begin somewhere, and the four tips mentioned here should set the foundation for the rest of your life.

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1) Record Yourself

Begin by setting up a little recording studio. You want to take your phone or anything that can record to hear how you are playing. It will tighten things and help correct any issues you might have.

It is even smarter to go ahead and get a camcorder for the task. You will be able to see visually what you are doing right and wrong.

This makes it easier not only for you to point out what is being done, but anyone else that might have experience playing the piano.

This is something that will speed things up in a hurry.

2) Begin With Strong Hand Only

Which hand is your strong hand (the one you write with)? Use this as the first hand you are going to learn with. Over time, you will move on to the other hand and then both together.

It is hard to start with both hands because it adds strain on your mind while you are still learning the nuances.

You want to start with the steady hand and make sure you understand how to use this hand to play.

Once you do this, it will become simpler when it comes to learning how to play with ease and not even have to think about it.

3) Remain Consistent With Practicing

It doesn’t matter who you are; practice is going to provide the stimulation that is required to get better. You want muscle memory to kick in after a while, and that only happen once you are consistent.

Continue to practice as much as possible and give yourself time to make mistakes.

It is fine to make as many mistakes as you can during these sessions as long as you are willing to keep at it. Those who pursue success will eventually get it compared to those who give up.

You have to make it a challenge and push through any adversity you face.

4) Understand Theory

The piano is fun, but sometimes you have to wade through the “boring” aspects first. Music theory is something most pianists are not eager to go through. You want to enjoy the entertaining aspects of playing the piano, but without knowledge of the theoretical side, you won’t appreciate the nuances as much.

It becomes easier to enjoy playing the piano when you have a better understanding of the theory that goes into the instrument and what you are playing.

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Get started the right way and realize it is not as difficult as you might think. The reason playing the piano can become a challenge has to do with the steps you take along the way. When you go ahead and miss out on implementing some of these tips, you are not going to find it easy to learn at all.

When you incorporate what has been listed here, you should be able to get started with ease, and it is going to make the learning process as simple as you want it to be.


instrument-1297443_640When I first saw a full-sized piano (versus my little kiddie piano), I admit to being awestruck by how big the keyboard looked! It was at a friend’s house nearby where I first touched real piano keys. The second I pushed one down, I was hooked! Nowadays, you don’t need a “real” piano, and there are so many electronic keyboards available so that today, nearly anyone with an interest in learning to play can do so.

So, in this website, we’ll be pulling together what today’s student or even professional player might find very handy! Keep your eyes open for upcoming features with tips for playing, or if you are new to piano, finding lessons, and more. We’re really pleased to offer this resource to you, so please stop by again soon!